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Brand Profile

Electra Range of products is a brand with a quintessentially British heritage, which has been built over the last forty years.

Electra products offer contemporary design, state-of-the art technology and not only excel in terms of performance but also contribute to the environment by providing reduced energy and water consumption.

With high standards of reliability and build quality, all products in the range are backed by a comprehensive 5 year parts guarantee.

The Electra brand first appeared in the Electricity Shops during the 1980�s and has always been recognized as quality mid market brand. Ranging from one of the largest wash capacities , 8.5kg to fit into a cabinet of under 600mm deep , wash loads can be reduced by over 113 per year, which saves you water, time and energy and also protecting the environment.

Where possible Electra use recyclable plastics during the manufacturing process.

Electra washing machines are user friendly and take the chore out of washing. With large LCD Displays you can see at a glance the status of your wash and with our new Aqua Wash Performance system that monitors and adjusts wash times and water consumption based on the amount of fabric in your machine, again this gives you savings on water and energy but not affecting your wash performance results.

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Electra Washing Machine